Step 1 | Choose a package

Simply register as a member and select your package and we will do the rest. There are two quarterly packages to subscribe to. You can decide whether you want your quarterly shipment to consist of 6 bottles, or you can double it up to 12 bottles of award winning wine delivered to you four times a year. Both of these packages offer you a variety of wine styles and it includes both red and white wines. Select your subscription or share your passion for Bosman wine by gifting a package.

Step 2 | Payment and delivery

We want members to enjoy a hassle-free Wine Club experience. Therefore, we will securely automate the payments and you will receive your chosen package once every quarter (February, May, August and November).

Step 3 | Top Up

Having a special event or maybe you’d just like more wine? No problem. Members can easily top-up; there is no need to wait until your next subscription delivery. Do so by emailing us at or ordering directly online We will notify you prior to your card being charged, offering you the chance to add to your order. Remember, Wine Club members will receive 10% discount on all additional and top-up orders.

Step 4 | Receive your Wine Club package

Each Bosman package is specially curated by our family based on the package you’ve signed up for. Delivery will take place within 5-7 days after your card has successfully been charged.