Become part of our family by joining The Bosman Wine Club and enjoy personal attention, exclusive wines made and reserved only for members and free delivery to your doorstep. Our wines go door to door from our family to yours.



Exclusive wines made exclusively for the Wine Club.


Pre-selected quarterly packages take the hassle out of choosing. It is simple, easy and secure to place an order. Automated payments. Free delivery directly to your door.


Wine Club members in the UK enjoy free delivery on wine orders, not only the quarterly shipments, but also on top-up orders. A shipping fee will be added for out of province deliveries.


Carla Bosman and Wine Club Manager, Petro Malan, are on hand to deal with any service and wine related questions you may have.


A commitment of one year membership.


Easy to swop, skip or add cases. Members are able to access and manage their own secure online accounts.


All you have to do to become a member of the Bosman Family Wine Club is to register online or email us at


Why become a member to the Bosman Wine Club?

Receive internationally acclaimed wines, often not available on the shelves, delivered directly to your door every quarter. Members also enjoy the exclusivity of the Wine Club releases made specially for them. We want members to feel part of the 8th generation family owned farm with the personalised service and VIP treatment.

How does my membership to the Bosman Wine Club work?

When joining the Bosman Wine Club UK, you will firstly choose your desired wine package. We will securely automate the payment and you will receive your chosen package once every quarter (February, May, August, November) at your convenience.

Can I order more wine, excluding my quarterly shipment?

Of course you can. You are in no way bound to only four shipments per year. Wine top-ups can be done at any time, always including free delivery. This can be done on or by emailing us at We will also notify you prior to shipment dates so you will always be able to add to your next shipment.

Is it possible to change the package that I signed up for?

You are able to log into your user account where you can switch between packages any time prior to the next shipment date.

What are the costs?

There are no joining or membership fees. The only requisite that you commit to at least one year’s membership.

How will I know when my wine is being delivered?

We will notify you prior to your credit card being charged. You are then able to add to your order, skip an order or switch to a different package. Delivery will take place within 5-7 working days after your card has successfully been charged.

I will be away during my next shipment, what shall I do?

You can re-route your shipment to another address who will be able to receive your shipment on your behalf if you are going to be away during time of the next shipment. Do this by logging into your user account and editing the shipping details for the current shipment. Also, you are welcome to contact the BFV team to enquire about delaying your next shipment to a suitable date.

How will I be informed of new wines and other news?

Carla Bosman will send out a seasonal newsletter by email with more info on the wines exclusively made for the members as well as what’s happening in the cellar.

How do I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your membership online at any time by logging into your account.